Product Description

FireMastic-300 (Fire and Acoustic Seal)

Our 5 hour fire sealant offers the best fire rating of all acrylic and PU sealants on the market, offering maximum protection from fire and smoke in both integrity and Insulation. With an FRL of -/300/300 for most applications, FireMastic-300 is unrivalled. And because it is intumescent, it’s more efficient and requires half the volume of sealant than most other brands to achieve the required FRL.

As an acrylic emulsion, FireMastic-300 is simple to use and cleans up easily in water.

Other Key Features are:

  • 5 hours industry-best mastic offering FRL of -/300/300
  • Acoustic reduction up to 65dB
  • Used for sealing linear gaps and around ducts, dampers, cables and metallic pipes
  • Suited to plasterboard, masonry, hebel, Speedpanel and timber wall installations
  • Approved to AS1530.4(2005), AS4072.1 and EN1366
  • Highly flexible, up to 40% movement
  • High yield so installation material costs and labour are both decreased
  • Available in standard colours of grey and white, other colours available upon request
  • Widely adaptable to seal around other passive fire products such as dampers, pillows and cable & pipe penetrations
  • Can be painted once cured

Call our Tech Services team on 1300 50 BOSS to find out more about how FireMastic-300 can lower your costs and improve your risk.


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Product Details

Part ID : FM300

Size :

  • 300mL cartridge
  • 600mL sausage

Colour : Grey and White