Product Description

BOSS FyreBox Multi-Service Cable & Pipe Transit

“The simplest and most effective fire stopping method available”

BOSS Fire’s latest generation of FyreBox provides 2 hours of fire protection for clusters of multi-service cables and pipes in one integrated box.

Ideal for apartments and commercial applications, this latest model BOSS FyreBox is simple to install and offers an innovative method of firestopping with a higher performance on more services than ever before.

Due to our advanced intumescent “FireMastic-HPE” sealant, the Australian-made BOSS FyreBox guarantees a fast-acting reaction to fire, expanding internally within the box and closing rapidly around the penetrating services.


BOSS Fyrebox offers industry-leading 2 hours of fire resistance

BOSS’s unique Fyrebox has been successfully tested to stop the transfer of fire and smoke through the wall and insulate the services from heat transfer for over 2 hours.

With a Fire Resistance Level of -/120/120, it offers a far superior performance to any other product available on the Australian market.


Saves time & money

The BOSS FyreBox is simple & cost effective to install. It has been developed with BOSS’s own innovative smoke resistant and flame-proof brush seals on the face of the box, which quickly seal around penetrating services.

As there is no cutting or fitting required, installing services through the BOSS Fyrebox literally takes seconds. It eliminates any concerns about the ability of subcontractors to provide certifiable firestopping systems.

“Reduce Installation labour by up to 90%”


Designed for complex fire rating applications

The BOSS FyreBox has been designed in conjunction with some of Australia’s leading construction design partners. It offers major benefits to the typical apartment project or any application requiring multiple services to be fire rated in confined spaces.

It is suitable for:

  • Apartment entry walls  and above doorways in high-rise residential apartment blocks
  • Computer rooms and data centres
  • Corridors and tunnels where services pass through multiple fire and smoke walls
  • Riser shaft walls to common areas
  • Industrial applications with “multi-service” requirements
  • Office tower passive firestopping and fire rating.

“We tried the BOSS FyreBox in our new apartment project West End, Brisbane because it was recommended to us. To be honest I didn’t realise how much it was going to save us, the installation time is extremely fast and our total fire stopping labour time has been slashed. It’s the simplest, most effective fire stopping method available.”

Peter Haines
BPM Group


Suitable for multiple services

The following services have all been tested to be used together in the BOSS FyreBox:

  • Steel sprinkler pipe
  • Copper pipes (including Class B)
  • Multiple PEX plumbing pressure pipes
  • PEX/AL/PEX aluminium lined PEX gas pipe
  • Lagged copper Paircoil pipes for HVAC
  • uPVC conduit
  • Mains power cables
  • TPS power cables
  • Multicore cables
  • Security, Intercom, Fire and EWIS cables
  • Coax TV cables.


7 key reasons to choose the BOSS FyreBox

  1. It consolidates firestopping into one simple and central location guaranteeing compliance across all services.
  2. Eliminates the need for separation of services through fire walls
  3. Guaranteed compliance everytime, eliminating the risk of subcontractors installing incorrect solutions.
  4. Tested at Melbourne’s Exova laboratories to 120min (FRL -/120/120), the BOSS FyreBox far outperforms competitor products.
  5. Acoustic rated to Rw50 – BCA compliant for apartment construction.
  6. The unique design allows for easy and cost effective installation saving up to 90% of installation time.
  7. The BOSS FyreBox offers fully compliant firestopping to AS1530.4 and AS4072.1 for a variety of services.
  8. The BOSS Fyrebox makes AS1851 periodic maintenance inspections simple and reliable.




Installation of the BOSS FyreBox is the fastest method of fire rating a cluster of services through a confined space on a fire wall. It comes in two pieces that can be clipped together and installed quickly prior to wall construction. It also features BOSS’s unique Cable Support Trapeze to assist with heavy services or a fully loaded FyreBox.

For complete peace-of-mind, choose the BOSS FyreBox for firestopping reliability and quality.

Call our Technical Services team on 1300 50 BOSS or email to find out more about our range of FyreBox Multi-Service Cable and Pipe Transits.


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Product Details

Part ID : BFB-150, BFB-300

Size & Shape :

  • 150 x 150 x 270(depth) mm
  • 300 x 150 x 270(depth) mm