Product Description


We’re proud to introduce a Fire Rated Mortar that’s setting new standards in quality and performance.

The new FireMortar-360 from BOSS – fire rated for an impressive 360 minutes in both Integrity and Insulation for nearly all applications.

Approved to AS1530.4:2005 and EN1366, FireMortar-360 comes with an FRL of -/360/360 in extra large appetures up to 1.2m x 1.2m, or 1.44 sq metres.

It can also be used in applications up to 3m long.


FireMortar-360 doesn’t only outperform its competitors in the field of Fire Rating. Its load-bearing characteristics offer an unmatched solution for floor penetrations and appetures.

FireMortar-360 sets new standards in fire rated mortar.

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Product Details

Part ID : FM360

Size : 20kg