Product Description

Pyrogard Fire Foam

Pyrogard Fire Foam is a quick setting one-part polyurethane foam with excellent fire resistance properties. Pyrogard Fire Foam expands on application up to 50 times its original volume to fill voids and gaps, creating a fire resistant seal which can block dust, noise and draft without any excessive pressure on building substrates or wall structures.

Pyrogard Fire Foam is certified for use in both walls and floors and provides one of the simplest forms of fire rating irregular voids, apertures or linear gap seals.

Pyrogard Fire Foam provides excellent adhesion to a number of different substrates including Timber Softwood, Timber Hardwood, rock fibre wool and autoclaved aerated concrete. Once cured, the foam can be cut, sawn or plastered over within only one hour of application (based on an ideal working temp of 20°C).

Key Features:

  • High Performance – up to 4 hours fire rating in linear gaps
  • Approved for various size gaps and cavity fill
  • Approved to AS1530.4: 2014 and AS4072.1-2005
  • Excellent adhesion to various substrates
  • Up to 50 times expansion of original volume

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Technical Datasheet    Safety Data Sheet

Product Details

Part ID : FOAM750

Size : 750mL can