Product Description

Thermal Defence Wrap

The Thermal Defence Wrap is designed to maintain necessary insulation on metal or heat conductive services and prevent temperature rise of services that pass through a fire rated compartment during a fire.

The BOSS Thermal Defence System consists of 2 elements:

  1. Thermal Defence Wrap (TDW) installed around the penetrating services, and
  2. An aperture seal of either BOSS FireMastic-300™, FireSilicone-EMA™, UniWrap® and for oversized apertures BOSS Batts or BOSS Fire Pillows.

BOSS Thermal Defence System is designed for maintaining compartmentalisation where services, such as cables and metal pipes, penetrate fire rated walls and floors offering up to 2 hours insulation.

BOSS proven passive products provide excellent protection, both in maintaining the integrity of the fire rated seal and also in insulating the service.

BOSS Thermal Defence Wrap can be used to insulate:

  • Power Cables
  • Telecommunications Cables
  • Cable trays
  • Steel, Copper & Iron Pipes
  • Lagged Steel, Copper & Iron Pipes with Thermobreak® Lagging

BOSS Thermal Defence Wrap is suitable for use in any building which has single or multiple services penetrating fire rated compartment walls and floors. Typical building projects include:

  • Retail stores and shopping centres
  • Residential apartments
  • Commercial buildings
  • Power stations / substations
  • Factories / industrial applications
  • Office fit-outs

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Technical Datasheet     Safety Data Sheet

Product Details

Part ID : TD-300, TD-600

Size :

  • 300mm x 10m Roll
  • 610mm x 10m Roll (Made to order)