BOSS Passive Fire’s Board of Directors are responsible for directing and overseeing the management of the entire business.

The Board’s perpetual responsibility is to the Shareholders. Equally, however, the Board must pay full regard to all employees, industrial relations, the wider community, the environment, as well as local and national laws in all of their decisions on behalf of the shareholders.

Directors also strive to set positive examples of ethical behaviour. Central to our value system is the belief that the character and behaviour of leaders is of crucial significance when setting the tone and culture of an organisation. Therefore it is also crucial that the positive examples are set in all the dealings of Directors with each other, managers and employees, customers, suppliers and the general community. Ideally, all of the Directors’ actions will demonstrate a continuing commitment to high ethical standards.

Directors are principally charged to:

  • Maintain high ethical standards and trustworthiness at all times
  • Ensure that they possess the skills and experience necessary to make a positive contribution to the affairs of the company
  • Take an active role in the leadership of the Company and its direction
  • Show commitment to the Shareholders
  • Communicate openly and honestly
  • Obey all corporate laws, obligations and ethics
  • Strive to continually improve
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