BOSS Passive Fire is the leading specialist in passive fire protection. We offer industry leading products that have been extensively tested and approved to Australian and International Standards. Our products are easy to use, fast to install and reduce compliance risks. Coupled with competitive pricing and great value, we strive to offer an unrivalled service experience.

Fire safety is critical and complex. Our purpose is to make it easier to build cost-effective, safer places to live.

We uncomplicate the complicated. We innovate for user-friendly, versatile products that eliminate the installation risk and heavily reduce labour costs. In an industry that’s traditionally made up of complex solutions, legacy products and a lack of broad choice for builders, we demystify fire protection through innovation, product development, and ‘de-risking’.

Our Senior Management team all have trade, technical or engineering backgrounds with a combined hundred years’ industry experience, so we know first-hand the pressure on specifiers, installers, and certifiers to ‘get it right’. We understand what’s required from project design, through the construction phase, to final occupancy and life-cycle durability – so our R&D, customer service and quality-management systems closely and purposefully support our mission.

Our way of thinking sets us apart, borne from decades ‘on-the-tools’. Our experience with a tool belt on gives us a unique ability to think as an installer. This moulds our DNA, so when we innovate, we do so to disrupt uncompetitive solutions or scenarios burden with risk. We simplify the construction process by removing headaches and guesswork, making things easier to install and speeding up the process.

Our passion to make the built environment a better place, by eliminating risk and lowering cost, drives us every day. Coupled with our obsession for the customer, this is who we are.

With sales offices and distributors across Australia and NZ, BOSS Fire provides some of the world’s best firestopping products to your local market.



“Every time my subbies propose a BOSS Fire product to use on my site, I smile because I know there won’t be any compliance issues.”
Justin Traitsis, Project Manager, ARC 3




BOSS Passive Fire have a complete range of fire stopping and penetration seals, including:

  • Industry Leading Fire Rated Sealants, Mastics & Silicones
  • Multi-Service Cable & Pipe Transits
  • Innovative Fire Collars & Pipe Wraps
  • Fire Rated Mortar & Batts
  • Fire Pillows & Downlight Covers
  • Thermal Insulation Blankets
  • Access Panels
  • Fire Dampers & Duct Wrap
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