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FacadeGard™ Open State Cavity Barrier (OSCB) is developed to protect the voids between the outer façade and the inner construction element of the building. The product is designed for use in a ventilated facade. FacadeGard™ OSCB allows for 25mm or 50mm linear air gaps to ensure movement of air and drain any moisture within the facade. In the event of a fire the intumescent outer edge of the product will expand and close the ventilation gap between the product and the facade preventing the passage of fire and smoke from one compartment to another.


BOSS Fire FacadeGard™ Open State Cavity Barrier (OSCB) range has been tested in accordance with ASFP TGD19: “Open State” Cavity Barrier used in External Envelope or Fabric of Buildings. This test method specifies a procedure for determining the fire resistance of ‘open state’ cavity barriers when subjected to the standard fire exposure conditions and performance criteria stipulated in EN 1363-1:2020.


  • Between inner substrate & external building envelope.
  • Voids between rainscreen facade & slab edge.
  • In conjunction with vertical cavity barriers.
  • Where movement of air and moisture is required.
  • Systems to cover void ranges from 2mm-550mm.


  • Class leading fire protection for ventilated facades
  • Allows movement of air & moisture to drain from system
  • Voids up to 550mm
  • Air Gaps up to 50mm
  • Fire Resistance up to 120mins
  • Tested in accordance with ASFP TGD19
  • Ventilated void closure ≤ 5mins
  • Assumed working life of 25 years
  • Non-combustible core
  • ‘Dry fit’ solution, no cure time
  • Fast installation using steel brackets or direct fixings
  • Available in multiple sizes

For more information, please contact BOSS team directly on 1300 50 BOSS.

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Product Details

Sizes Available :

FG1 1000mm Long x 75mm Thick x Custom Depth
FG2 1000mm Long x 75mm Thick x Custom Depth
FG3 1000mm Long x 120mm Thick x Custom Depth
FG4 1000mm Long x 120mm Thick x Custom Depth
FG5 1000mm Long x 120mm Thick x Custom Depth
X25 2mm Thick x 75mm Wide x 25m Long Roll
X50 4mm Thick x 75mm Wide x 12.5m Long Roll