At BOSS Passive Fire, we believe that the day-to-day actions we take will ultimately demonstrate our commitment and progress towards sustainable growth.  Our actions are driven by our values and our partnerships as well as by our policies, principles and positions. All are critical to integrating sustainability into our operational strategies and practices.

Generally speaking, sustainability requires continuous technological, economic and social improvement that respects the limits of our local environment as well as the Earth’s ecosystems. At BOSS Passive Fire, we strive to keep the Earth’s limited resources as key when we carry out all of our operational tasks and planning. Our primary goal is to grow for the benefit of our shareholders whilst striving for a continually diminishing impact on the planet.

It is this philosophy that drives our long-term business focus. To succeed in business over future generations, we appreciate the critical and delicate nature of our wider surroundings and treat them with care and respect.

Mark Prior




Environmental Policy

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Corporate Governance

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OH&S Policy

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