BOSS Passive Fire is a supplier and distributor of fire protection and safety products for the building and property markets in Australia, New Zealand and surrounding regions. We recognise the expectations of our own staff, suppliers, customers and the community in relation to environmental protection and product quality.

We commit to managing our environmental effects and wastes in compliance with our legal and moral obligations in order to conserve natural resources and protect the environment in which we operate. Additionally, we will strive to continually improve all our operations and specifically commit to:

  • Work to achieve the environmental expectations of our staff, customers, suppliers and local community
  • Apply best practice standards for environmental management and pollution prevention practices
  • Minimize our environmental footprint by improving operational efficiency and use of water and raw material, energy consumption, waste and pollution generation
  • Seek responsible suppliers and partners who are committed to protection of the environment and promote sustainable business practices
  • Create awareness among our staff and partners of the potential environmental effect of operations with which they are involved, and how they can work towards minimizing these environmental effects
  • Continue to conduct regular assessments of the environmental effects of our business activities to identify potential areas for improvement, and to follow through with programs to achieve these improvements
  • Strive to be a role model for others to follow in the field of environmental responsibility
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Corporate Governance

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