Product Description


FireStrip-ALX is elastomeric foam laminated with a graphite based intumescent compound on both sides. It is designed to perform as a 2 or 4-hour barrier in construction movement joints. Designed for long linear installations in horizontal and vertical applications.

FireStrip-ALX is a flexible water resistant seal that expands when exposed to heat. It can also be used as a fire barrier inside cable trunkings allowing for the installation of further cables. FireStrip-ALX has Acoustic Isolation to 22dB.

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Datasheet     Safety Data Sheet

Product Details

Part ID : ALX

Size :

  • 1m long for 10mm gap
  • 1m long for 20mm gap
  • 1m long for 25mm gap
  • 1m long for 35mm gap
  • 1m long for 50mm gap
  • 1m long for 65mm gap
  • 1m long for 75mm gap
  • 1m long for 100mm gap
  • 1m long for 120mm gap
  • 1m long for 150mm gap