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FlexiCoat-MAK has been developed for use with BOSS Flexi-Batt, a flexible rockwool based product. Once the FlexiCoat-MAK is applied it prevents the passage of fire, smoke & sound between fire rated compartments giving a fire resistance of FRL -/120/120. FlexiCoat-MAK has also achieved 600Pa air and 450Pa water permeability resistance. It can be installed into voids/cavities up to 500mm wide.

FlexiCoat-MAK is a water-based elastomeric acrylic coating, having excellent fire, water, air permeability and elastomeric properties offering up to 50% movement. Ideal for spray, trowel, brush and pouring applications. FlexiCoat-MAK should be used in conjunction with BOSS Flexi-Batt. At normal temperatures, FlexiCoat-MAK remains highly flexible to permit thermal and mechanical movement of services and the building structure. The product is unaffected by oil, fungus & contains no halogens or asbestos & offers low VOC’s.

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Size :

  • 5kg pail