Project: The Point

Builder: Hamilton Marino

Architect: BKK Architects

Location: 600 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster VIC.

Discover the ultimate in modern lifestyle and family-friendly amenity with exceptional contemporary apartments in 1, 2, 3 & 4 bedroom configurations, plus 5 double-storey Sky Home Penthouses – a total of 161 Apartments all sumptuously appointed, spaciously proportioned and finished to perfection. The Point reflects Doncaster’s rich agrarian history with lush landscaping and astonishing vertical gardens, providing secluded green spaces to residents on every floor. Ideally suited to owner-occupiers, experience new standards in luxury and liveability, with spectacular communal spaces and a range of elite services and facilities.

The BOSS FyreBox is being used as the ultimate firestopping device for all services leading into the apartments.


Apartments these days boast more and more tech, which means more services running through fire walls. And with a focus on maximising the lettable area, false ceiling heights seem to be lessening, compacting services even more. Add to that the requirements of multiple Standards that dictate separation of services and the builder has an issue. How do they properly fire isolate the apartment, maintain the separation, and guarantee compliance all at the same time?


The BOSS FyreBox bundles services all together all into one opening and protects them all at once. All services, one device. The unique FR Brush Seals that surround the opening in the box allow the installer to literally just pass services through the box. This solves the risk issues of complicated and varying installation methods and it also removes scheduling headaches and lowers installation costs dramatically.

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