Product Description


FireMastic-HPE is a new High Pressure Exerting fire sealant to surpass all other sealants. Our flagship sealant is tested and approved to change the way firestopping is applied to pipes and penetrations.

FireMastic-HPE is approved to AS1530.4 and EN1366 and offers an FRL of up to -/120/120 in a wide range of penetration systems, outperforming other leading sealants in independent fire tests.

Key Benefits of FireMastic-HPE are:

  • Closes plastic pipes in a fire up to 125mm diameter
  • Replaces fire collars on pipes of PVC, ABS, uPVC
  • Closes and seals PEX water pipes, PEX-AL Gas Pipes and other XLPE and HDPE pipes
  • Seals around large copper and steel pipes
  • Can be used to seal insulated copper chillers pipes up to 130mm diameter with pipe lagging still fitted
  • Seals around cables and bunches of cables
  • Pair-Coil pipes and HVAC clusters

FireMastic-HPE can be used instead of traditional pipe collars on a range of plastic pipes, saving you material and labour. It offers versatile, simple and low cost solutions for firestopping a wide range of penetration systems.

Call our Tech Services team on 1300 50 BOSS to find out more about how FireMastic-HPE can lower your costs and improve your risk.


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Product Details


Size :

  • 310ml cartridge
  • 600ml foil sausage

Colour : Grey