Product Description

BOSS Cable Transits CT120 & CT240

BOSS Cable Transits CT120 & CT240 are designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke from one compartment to another where electrical power, data and comms cables penetrate through separating walls and floors.

The Cable Transit CT120 & CT240 mounting flange provides a quick and easy method of installing single or multiple Cable Transits, even in plasterboard partitions. The unique design means BOSS Cable Transits do not need mechanical fixings and clamp to the wall using metal flanges. By using larger flanges, multiple Cable transits can be banked together alongside each other, providing fire rated penetrations for multiple cables bundles, and with added changeability for future additions or alterations. The unit has a hinged split body which provides an easy retro-fit option where cables are pre-installed.

Tested and approved to AS1530.4 and AS4072.1.

Why Use BOSS Cable Transits?

  •  Fire rates electrical & comms cabling, cable trays, conduit and metal pipes
  • 1hr, 2hr and 4hr applications
  • Designed for single or multiple cables; including large bundles of up to 550 cables!
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for square, rectangle and round penetrations
  • Use in floors and walls, including plasterboard
  • Easy retrofit design


Suitable for any building where electrical, data or communication cables penetrate a fire rated wall or floor.

  • Apartments, hotels & office buildings
  • Commercial & retail centres
  • Computer rooms & data centres
  • Telecom sub stations
  • TV & media studios
  • Hospitals & airports

Approved Substrates

BOSS Cable Transits CT120 & CT240 are approved in a wide variety of substrates. These include:

  • Fire Rated Plasterboard Walls
  • AAC / Hebel Walls
  • Masonry / Block / Concrete Walls
  • Concrete Floor Slabs

For detailed performance specifications please download our technical data sheet.


Technical Datasheet     Safety Data Sheet


Call our Technical Services team on 1300 50 BOSS to find out more about our range of BOSS Cable Transits.

Product Details

Part ID :

  • CT120-50R
  • CT120-65
  • CT120-100R
  • CT120-100
  • CT120-150R
  • BCTF100DX
  • BCTF100TX
  • BCTF100SX
  • CT240-350
  • CT240-550

Size & Shape :

  • CT120-50R: 50mm Round
  • CT120-65: 65mm Square
  • CT120-100R: 100mm Round
  • CT120-100: 100mm Square
  • CT120-150R: 150mm Round
  • CTF-100DX: CT120-100, 200mm x 100mm Duplex System (Flange Only)
  • CTF-100TX: CT120-100, 300mm x 100mm Triplex System (Flange Only)
  • CTF-100SX: CT120-100, 300mm x 200mm, Sixplex System (Flange Only)
  • CT240-350: 350mm x 125mm, Cable Transits
  • CT240-550: 550mm x 125mm, Cable Transits