BOSS Fire® offers market leading passive fire solutions suitable for the HVAC/R industry. With a wide variety of solutions suitable for lagged copper pipes & A/C Paircoil bundles, BOSS Fire offers the ultimate fire stopping technology with our BOSS FyreBox, FireMastic-HPE™  MaxiCollars™.

The wide array of certified systems include 60min, 90min & 120 min FRL’s in various wall, floor and ceiling systems.

BOSS FyreBox

The Game Changer, as it’s bee  n dubbed by many builders and contractors due to the extensive labour savings, program and compliance benefits, has an extensive range of fire tests and approvals available for the HVAC/R Industry.

The BOSS FyreBox is the perfect solution for large banks of A/C Paircoil, lagged / unlagged copper pipes and various cable bundles all to be passed through a single transit box offering an industry leading 2 hour fire rating. (FRL -/120/120). 1hr and 90min ratings are also available without any thermal wraps!

The simple “pass through” methodology enabled by the unique BrushSeal™ ensures there is no need to core individual penetrations for each service, or cut any fiddly foam inserts, nor do you need to seal or treat every individual service after the box is installed. The BOSS FyreBox can save up to 90% of installation labour.

Approved substrates include:

  • Single & Double Layer Plasterboard Systems
  • Concrete
  • Solid & Hollow Masonry
  • Speedpanel & Korok
  • AAC & Hebel
  • AFS
  • Dincel
  • Shaftwall & Shaftliner
  • IntRwall
  • Barrierline
  • Concrete Floor Slabs
  • Ceiling & Ceiling / Floor Systems

To find out more visit the BOSS FyreBox product page HERE.



The ultimate high pressure exerting fire sealant for HVAC/R services. FireMastic-HPE™ is a graphite-based, High Pressure Exerting FR sealant used to reinstate the fire resistance performance of wall, floor & ceiling systems. Under heat, FireMastic-HPE™ will up to 40x with enough pressure to close combustible and non- combustible pipe lagging and seal around pipes and cables to maintain integrity and insulation performance.

FireMastic-HPE™ has a wide variety of approvals for A/C Paircoil bundles, lagged and unlagged copper pipes achieving up to FRL -/120/120.

Approved Substrates include:

  • Single & Double Layer Plasterboard Systems
  • Concrete
  • Solid & Hollow Masonry
  • Speedpanel
  • AAC & Hebel
  • Comflor Concrete Floor slabs
  • Ceiling / Floor Systems

To find out more visit the BOSS FireMastic-HPE™ product page HERE.


BOSS MaxiCollars™

BOSS MaxiCollars™ set new standards in the use of retrofit collars. BOSS MaxiCollars™ offers class leading design and advanced intumescent technology providing protection against fire and smoke. Offering a unique profile of only 40mm depth, MaxiCollars™ are the best choice for tight fitting areas or closely installed pipes.

Couple with an infill of BOSS FireMastic-HPE™, MaxiCollars™ are a fast and easy to install solution for Paircoil bundles in 60min single layer plasterboard systems. The use of the MaxiCollar™ avoids having to install a localised plasterboard pattress that is often required for sealant only systems.

The BOSS FireMastic-HPE™ & MaxiCollar™ combination also provides a great solution for ceiling / floor systems for Paircoil bundles.

To find out more visit the BOSS MaxiCollars™ product page HERE.