Driven by customer demand, BOSS has developed a new range of passive systems for Fire Rated Ceilings.

Now approved for 60min and 90min fire resistance, BOSS’s leading penetration seals now protect pipes, cables and bundled services in 2 x layer FR Plasterboard Ceiling Systems.

Typical tested systems on FR Plasterboard, timber joists and timber flooring above include these leading BOSS products:

  • FireMastic-HPE™ intumescent sealant
  • FireMastic-300™ 5hr fire rated sealant
  • MaxiCollars™ for pipes and cables
  • BOSS FyreBox
Service Penetrations Primary Fire Stopping Protection to Ceiling FRL
2 x TPS Power Cables 2C+E FireMastic-300™ -/90/90
4 x TPS Power Cables 2C+E FireMastic-HPE™ -/90/90
3 x Mains Orange Circular Power Cables 2C+E FireMastic-HPE™ -/90/90
7 X CAT6 Data Cables FireMastic-300™ & FireSpring™ -/90/90
25mm uPVC Conduit FireMastic-HPE™ -/90/90
2 x 25mm uPVC Conduits MaxiCollar™ 65mm infilled with FireMastic-HPE™ -/90/90
32mm uPVC Pipe MaxiCollar™ 40mm -/90/90
42mm Steel Sprinkler Pipe Thermal Defence Wrap, UniWrap® & FireMastic-300™ -/90/90
Multi-Service Bundles & HVAC+R:
1 x Paircoil – A/C Lagged Copper Pipes
1 x TPS Power Cable 2C+E
1 x CAT 6 Data Cable
1 x 25mm uPVC
MaxiCollar™ 80mm infilled with FireMastic-HPE™ -/90/90
3 x Paircoil – A/C Lagged Copper Pipes
1 x 25mm Lagged Copper Pipe
10 x TPS Power Cables 2C+E
10 x CAT 6 Data Cables
1 x 25mm uPVC
BOSS FyreBox with P40-MAK Wrap -/90/60


Technical Bulletin


Each project and/or application may have specific requirements and you should investigate these carefully. Ensure that you have read and understood the appropriate certification relative to your needs, and ensure you seek acceptance from the Certifying Authority or compliance inspector before installation. For updates of BOSS’ certification please contact BOSS Technical Services on +61 2 9531 8591.