As this year begins to wind down, we’d like to celebrate a key highlight from the last 12 months, a community award that BOSS Fire founder and CEO Mark Prior received for his tireless efforts to improve building safety through the fire protection industry; awarded by the Prime Minister of Australia Hon. Scott Morrison MP.

Mark tirelessly volunteers his effort, time and resources for the benefit of improving the industry of building, public safety and Standards of BOSS fire. He has worked as a specialist in the fire protection industry for 32 years. Although he has a business in this field, it’s what he does outside of work that makes Mark stand out.

His dedication and effort to improve safety standards is never-ending. He takes time out of his own schedule every week to fight for improvements in building safety and compliance improvement.

Mark is well known in the industry for his passion for compliance and raising the bar. The benefit of his time, effort and dedication is enjoyed, and appreciated by building occupants and residents all over Australia and New Zealand.

Thank you and congratulations Mark.-Scott Morrison MP. (Prime Minister of Australia & Federal Member for Cook).

Mark sits on a variety of industry committees, including Standards Australia FP-019 Committee for Fire Safety, Vice Chair of the FPAA Technical Advisory Committee for Passive Fire, the FPA NZ Special Interest Group for Passive Fire, and has represented the FPAA at the Consolidated Fire Protection Association of Asia.