The BOSS FyreBox is now approved in a wide variety of concrete floor slabs.

Starting at slabs as minimal as only 70mm thick, the BOSS FyreBox offers 60, 90 & 120min fire protection with the use of the BOSS P40-MAK Wrap.

The BOSS FyreBox is certified to have the following services in any combination or quantity:

  • Appendix D1 Power Cables (exempt 630mm2 cable)
  • Appendix D2 Comms Cables
  • Cables with Aluminum Cables 185mm2 or less
  • CAT5E, CAT6 Data Cables
  • COAX and Security Cables
  • EWIS / Fire Alarm System Cables
  • 50mm Steel Sprinkler Pipe (60.3mm OD)
  • uPVC Conduit up to 32mm
  • PEX & PEX/AL/PEX pipe up to 32mm
  • Up to 32mm Lagged & Unlagged Copper Pipes
  • PairCoil up to 13mm / 19mm

For more information check out the BOSS FyreBox product page here, or contact our office on 1300 50 2677 or +612 9531 8591