We are extremely excited to announce our new range of certification relating to non-insulated steel, copper & iron pipes!

Market leading BOSS products related to the new systems include FireMastic-300™, P40-MAK Wrap™, BOSS Batts, FirePillows-240™, FireSilicone-EMA™, Thermal Defence Wrap and the BOSS Fire® Transit Box.

Key benefits include:

  • 90min and 120min FRL’s (-/90/90 & -/120/120)
  • Steel, copper & iron pipes up to 159mm OD
  • Extensive range of approved wall systems:
    • Fire Rated Plasterboard
    • Shaftwall / Shaftliner
    • Concrete
    • Solid & Hollow Masonry
    • AFS
  • Approved walls with localised build up:
    • Speedpanel
    • AAC
    • Hebel
    • Supapanel
    • Pronto Panel
  • Concrete floor slabs
  • Steel Sprinkler Pipe in Ceilings
  • Cost effective & easy to install
  • 60mm steel sprinkler pipe with no thermal wrap
  • Many options for use with BOSS Batts & FirePillows-240™ for oversize apertures

For more information download the technical bulletin below or reference the relevant technical data sheets from the BOSS Products range.




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